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Class of 2024

NAA’s Diversity Leadership Program (DLP) NAA’s Diversity Leadership Program (DLP) provides up to 15 individuals of diverse backgrounds an opportunity to develop as rental housing industry leaders, virtually and in-person for free. Your complimentary registration to 2024 Apartmentalize, NAA’s largest rental housing conference, will give you a chance to network with your mentor, the rest of the DLP Class of 2024 and the entire rental housing industry. We’ll continue to foster your professional growth with the prospect of participating on a local or national committee, too. You’ll gain an understanding of how to facilitate healthy conversations around diversity and your cultural background in the workplace; recognize how unconscious bias’ influences your interactions and views of others and what you can do to contribute to your company’s diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) efforts; and how to personalize your career growth plan and position yourself for success in the rental housing industry by using strategic leadership and communications skills.


To apply for NAA's Diversity Leadership Program, click on the "Submit Your Application" button below. It is highly recommended that all application writing and editing be completed in Word, especially if multiple people are reviewing the application. This approach will prevent any information from being lost in the event that changes to the application do not properly save. When all writing is complete, transfer the information into the application form and submit. Should you need assistance with your application or have questions about the Diversity Leadership Program, please contact James Swart

Submit Your Application

**We recommend using the Google Chrome browser to submit your application. 

Application Requirements: 

  • Active NAA Membership
  • Member of an underrepresented group
  • Junior to Mid-Level, with 3-7 years in the rental housing industry
  • Current resume
  • Personal Statement
  • Mentor Preferences
  • Professional Reference
  • Acknowledgement of support by supervisor


  • Application Site Opens: Monday, September 18, 2023
  • Application Site Closes: Friday, November 17, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. ET